Sunday, December 22, 2013

stepping out of 2013

I really need to start afresh here on the blog. I feel so bogged down every time I log in to write that I never end up posting anything. I'm trying to wipe out my expectations for what this blog is and does and who it reaches, and really turn it back into what it was in the beginning - something I can just record my thoughts and daily life and crafty moments on.

My head is buzzing with ideas for 2014. This year felt a lot like a stepping stone - in some ways, nothing got accomplished. But in most ways, I've set up pathways for things to happen in 2014. I'm ready. So ready. 2013 was necessary to bridge the gap between 2012 (where a lot of things changed) and 2014 (where things are still changing, but evolving into a more permanent place).

Instead of extensively looking back on this year as it draws to a close in the next week (as I am wont to do), I'd really like to look ahead.

I am still thinking pretty solidly about my goals and dreams for the coming year. Grad school. Reading challenges. Running challenges. Yoga challenges. Knitting challenges. Cooking challenges. Spinning challenges. I want to spend time on the things that I want to spend time on. It sound so simple - but so much of my time in the past has been spent doing the things I think I should be doing. I need to switch focus and cut out the excess and leave time for everything important.

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  1. I find I am blogging less and less these days. Not sure if it's permanent or not. But the barrage of media choses takes up more time than I should give it, and takes away from my knitting. Oh well, here's hoping your goals work out for you. Merry Christmas.


Thanks so much for your comment!!