Friday, September 13, 2013

knitting explosion

Maybe it's because when I opened the porch door to step outside this morning, cup of hot tea in hand, fall blew its first cold wind into my face, making me want to scurry back inside for a sweater, but I want to knit a blanket. I've had a big blanket on my mind for a while now, but kept pushing it to the back recess of my brain for various reasons....

But I think the time may be here.

This is yarn my mom bought me when I graduated college, nearly a year and a half ago (picture is also from then). I've been hoarding it since then because, honestly, I liked having it and I wasn't ready to use it. But now I feel ready. I'm not sure yet on a pattern - but I know one thing: Stripes. Suggestions are welcome.

Also, today I finished a rug (why did I knit a rug? I don't really know. I'm excited to have it though, for sure) for the bathroom that I'd started in May. There was about a 2 hour slog left on it - and it's ready for use. You can't tell from the picture - but I still haven't woven the ends in. (Red toe polish is probably my favorite - and only - fashion statement.) I'm not sure yet, but it may need a border. For now, I'm loving the rugged edges.

Lemon Drop Log Cabin Rug inspired by Absorba by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne. Knit holding 3 strands of Lily Sugar n' Cream cotton together: 2 white, 1 lemon drop. Cheerful and amazing.

And something incredible has happened, somewhat suddenly:

I want to knit a hat.

I want to knit a shawl.

I want to knit mittens. I want to knit colorwork mittens.

It seems like there are endless possibilities for me again - and I'm so pleased. I hope the feeling sticks around.


  1. LOL I am glad you got the urge to knit again. I'm slowly working my way through birthday and Christmas presents.

  2. Erin-I am MaggieTN on Ravelry. Thanks so much!


Thanks so much for your comment!!